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The Crew

On this page, you can find out more about the blog's authors.

LordMaster96 (Founder, manager)
LordMaster96 is the founder of this blog. He has had two years of blogging experience, dating back to his first posts on the Club Penguin Wiki in 2010. In the Club Penguin universe, he is best known for being one of the top editors on the Club Penguin Wiki and as a former administrator and staffer of the Club Penguin Wiki Network.

Do you want to apply to post on this blog? If you are interested, please review the following requirements:
  • You must have at least one year experience playing Club Penguin, and must still be an active player.
  • You must have good English grammar, spelling, and use of conventions. You will be required to write a sample blog post for me.
  • You must have some good image editing skills in the event watermarks are required in images.
An application form will be posted soon. Please check back later.